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Competitive Solutions, LLC was founded by R. Brian White in 1992. We have worked across many industries improving leadership, financial and operational performance. Our philosophy is to design simple performance benchmarks to closely monitor and focus management effort on the elements of the business under management control. We provide the expertise and leadership framework to maximize performance.

Behaviors that Drive the Competitive Solutions Mission:

  • Competitive Solutions makes recommendations strictly with the candor of what we would do if our capital, reputation and future were at risk.
  • Competitive Solutions will never hide, manipulate or devalue the stark honesty of the business situation.
  • Competitive Solutions is committed to simplification of the client's operational processes and eliminating waste in the organization.
  • Competitive Solutions strives to eliminate the bureaucracy of the organization.
  • Competitive Solutions will allow employees, partners and principals opportunity to resolve individual problems independently as long as the path to resolution maintains the overall interest of the client company as a whole.
  • Competitive Solutions respects the client's obligation to make decisions contrary to Competitive Solutions recommendations on occasion; and will strive to make the most of each decision without regard to the recommendation.
  • Competitive Solutions is committed to maximizing the patient service provided by the client clinically, operationally and financially.
  • Competitive Solutions values the time of every client, employee, principal and stakeholder.
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