Revenue Cycle Management

I Need to Generate More Revenue and More Profit in My Private Practice.
We can help you identify the most effective areas for improvement and help you prioritize the tactics to maximize your profitability. It may be internal processes, revenue cycle issues, marketing strategy or a combination of multiple factors.
We understand the constraints that can hold you back:
  • I don’t have time to act, I need to see patients.
    • You are a Critical Function Entrepreneur and need great support services.
    • We can provide the analysis and framework for improvement while keeping you treating your patients.
    • We create a simple framework for you to consider and make decisions.
  • Insurance companies don’t pay enough.
    • Contracting and rate negotiation are only one small part of your profitability.
    • We can help you implement the fundamentals to maximize your business.
  • I am cash strapped already.
    • Before you commit any funds to a project, we will provide a detailed fixed fee proposal with specific objectives.
    • We want you to spend your capital and time wisely.


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