Private Practice

How do I Start a Private Practice?
Private practice provides freedom to the physician to control the entire patient experience from beginning to end. We often help physicians who want to improve work life balance, subspecialize, enhance enjoyment of practice, and believe they can better serve their patients outside the venture capital, hospital employment or large group models.
We hear many objections during the decision process:
  • I will make less money.
    • Interestingly, most of our private practice physicians find their earning power increases when they run their own show.
    • Most large physician practices are bureaucratic and inefficient as decisions begin to revolve around leadership spending ‘other people’s money.”
    • Why be like all the others?
  • It’s too expensive without sharing costs.
    • The overwhelming majority of costs associated with practicing medicine are linear.
    • There are areas of cost that need to be managed well from the planning stage, but few should stop your independence goal.
  • I will not have access to ancillary revenue.
    • Ancillary revenue opportunities are investment opportunities.
    • Physicians buy into the ancillary partnership and receive distributions based upon financial performance of those ancillaries. 
    • We believe physicians should strongly consider the return on investment and impacts on their personal financial diversification before investing in ancillary ventures.
    • Those partnerships are not right for all physicians.
  • I don’t know where to start.
    • Well, press the button below and we can talk about what would be right for you!

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