Direct Primary Care

I Want to Build a Direct Primary Care - Concierge Practice.
You have many alternatives to buy a franchise model concierge practice. Is that framework and partnership the best option for you? Concierge practices thrive on leveraging the physician/patient relationship, you may find the franchise model restrictive and costly.
Starting a direct to patient practice can be scary:
  • Will my patients pay the fees? – Every market and patient base are unique, but your panel size and pricing can effectively target your goals.
  • Colleagues and some patients will criticize the business. – A portion of the patient market wants more time with the physician, a more cooperative medical decision-making process and are willing to pay a little more for time and access.
  • What do I do if patients do not follow? – Some patients will elect to maintain the status quo and you can empathetically provide referrals to providers who can continue to meet the patient’s needs moving forward. Many patients will build curiosity about returning to the new relationship with you and see the value over time.

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