Direct Patient Care

I Want to Build a Direct Patient Care - Concierge Practice.
Starting a direct to patient practice can be scary:
  • Will my patients pay the fees?
    • Every market and patient base are unique, but your panel size and pricing can effectively target your goals.
  • Colleagues and some patients will criticize the business.
    • A portion of the patient market wants more time with the physician, a more cooperative medical decision-making process and are willing to pay a little more for time and access.
  • What do I do if patients do not follow?
    • Some patients will elect to maintain the status quo and you can empathetically provide referrals to providers who can continue to meet the patient’s needs moving forward.
    • Many patients will build curiosity about returning to the new relationship with you and see the value over time.
  • Must I partner with a franchise concierge program?
    • You have many alternatives to buy a franchise model concierge practice.
    • Is that framework, partnership, and percentage of revenue paid building value for your business?
    • Concierge practices thrive on leveraging the physician/patient relationship, you may find the franchise model restrictive and costly.
    • Franchises sell models and limited ongoing support.
    • Franchises require non-competition agreements that may limit your future options.

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